Business Development & Bidding Issues for Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives

'The Trusted Advisor' by David Maister - A Must-Read for Senior Executives & BDs

As a writer, a strategist and an educator, books are my passion.


How to Prevent Short-Term Thinking from Hijacking 'Bid, No Bid' Decisions

It can be tempting to allow short-term thinking to over-influence pursuit and "bid/no bid" decisions, neglecting the bidder's longer range goals.


Do Your People Truly 'Hear' Your Clients & Prospects?

You may be surprised at how many of your people think they're great listeners . . . when, actually, they aren't.


Mars & Venus in the Boardroom

Today's emphasis on political correctness can sometimes result in valuable gender-differential discoveries not being shared as openly and widely as they perhaps should be.


Are You A 'Trusted Advisor'? Really?

Over the past few years, the term "trusted advisor" has been gradually working its way to buzz phrase status. Such lightweight bandying around is a great pity because, unlike other corporate mumph, "trusted advisor" is a genuinely meaningful concept.