An In-House, Customised Coaching Program:
Successful Bid & Proposal Writing

The ability to prioritise and reflect the key elements of a commercial strategy (and to do so in a genuinely client-centric fashion) is central to the success of a submission. Unfortunately, this skill is – typically – a critical missing link in the capability set of even the most sophisticated bidders.

Crafting proposals for high-value pursuits and formulating responses to formal market calls requires more than competent writing skills. It requires an understanding of strategy and how to incorporate it into all elements of proposal documentation.

Who Should Attend

‘Successful Bid & Proposal Writing’ is a program designed for any operative involved in (any phase of) the bid / proposal production process.

Participants may hold sales and business development management roles, may be subject matter experts, or may be writers per se.

Learning Objectives

The overarching objective of the program is to teach participants to produce a compelling and competitively superior written submission, be this as a response to formal Expression of Interest (EOI), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Tender (RFT) documentation, or be it a proposal in support of a proactive pursuit.

Focal points of the program will include (a) ensuring the strategy is appropriately and comprehensively reflected in the submission, and (b) producing a competently articulated submission that also conforms to the specifics of the client or customer organisation’s evaluation process.

IMPORTANT :  Participants must, as a pre-requisite, have either attended my ‘Formulating Winning Bid & Pursuit Strategies’ program, or - at the very least - be in possession of the strategy document produced by a colleague whom attended the program.

Key Learning Themes

  • Understanding the pursuit or proposal strategy in the context of the submission documentation
  • Prioritising the elements of strategy and incorporating them appropriately
  • Understanding and writing from the client’s perspective
  • Writing in a compelling and clearly understood fashion
  • Performing the editor’s role competently and efficiently
  • Working effectively and harmoniously with the bid manager, subject matter experts and other contributors

What to Expect

This will be not only be a highly interactive course, it will be delivered with strong cognisance of each individual participant’s level of competence. 

Fair to say (and you can read the many testimonials that demonstrate this), I’m known for my “transformational” (versus a merely “informational”) approach to teaching, and my attentive and highly individualised coaching style.

I’ll assess where you – as an individual participant or “coachee” – are, on your current learning curve . . . and I’ll pick you up from that precise point. That applies to all the component skills in the overall “bid writing” portfolio – not just at an overarching level. As long as you’re coachable and co-operative, you’ll leave competent and confident – or your money back.

Coachable? Ready to attain this level of competence and confidence in your bid writing?
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