C-Suite Consulting

Aligning bidding priorities with corporate growth goals, formulating effective bid strategies, strategic composition of bid teams, healthy and sustainable bidding processes...

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In-House, Customised Coaching Programs

Formulating Winning Bid & Pursuit Strategies

A program designed for organisations reliant on winning bids, tenders and proposals in highly competitive commercial environments. This program is for those wanting to adopt genuinely strategic thought processes in order to achieve a consistent flow of successes. ....

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Successful Bid &
Proposal Writing

The ability to prioritise and reflect the key elements of a commercial strategy is central to the success of a submission. Unfortunately, this skill is – typically – a critical missing link in the capability set of even the most sophisticated bidders. ...

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'Operation CV' Coaching Program

In industries where the success (or the degree of success) of the service being delivered is contingent upon the appropriate – indeed, the strategic – selection of those key personnel, the quality of bid-supporting CVs can be central to the bid's win . . . or to its loss. ...

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The Coaching Intensives

Jordan Kelly Coaching Intensives build on the wealth of knowledge, and teach the skills discussed, in her range of books - most especially her flagship title, 'Think & Win Bids'. ...

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