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  • Think & Win Bids

    Think & Win Bids

    Winning High-Value, High-Stakes Bids through Superior Questioning, Listening and Thinking Skills

    Book,134 pages (196mm x 128mm), paperback

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    The three fundamental skills of a genuinely sharp, sustainably successful bid/proposal/tender professional are the ability to think, listen and ask quality questions.

    It sounds simple and logical, yet it’s these very skills that are noticeably absent in many bid, business development or sales executives today . . . as unpopular as this assertion may be.

    Furthermore, formulating successful business development and bid strategies is the process of research and thinking; not the product of tools and templates.

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    Reader Reviews

    • "Kelly, through her unique ability to share both experience and deep insight, articulates the paramount importance of asking, listening and deep thinking in understanding the client’s mind, towards the objective of producing successful business development and bid strategy.

      "She challenges us from our complacency, calling us out on our guilty shortcuts of the past, and in doing so provides a salient reminder of the commitment and effort required to consistently win the biggest deals. Moreover, she also offers guidance on how to do it better than you thought you needed to do.

      "She provides lessons in humility that anyone in business development or selling in complex environments or markets can well use."

      Rod Naylor General Manager Veolia Water North America
      (New York)

    • . . . We have included your books for distribution to our teams around the world . . .

      Don Braid Group Managing Director Mainfreight Limited New Zealand

    • Ms. Kelly, I think your book 'Think & Win Bids' is a 'must read' for anyone who is responding to what we (Americans) refer to as 'Partnering', 'Integrated Project Delivery' or 'Requests for Proposal' (RFP) type contracting.

      “In particular, I think this book is essential for anyone bidding on AUSAID, USAID, UN Projects Office (UNOPS) World Bank, Asian Development Bank, NGOs or any other project funded by bi-lateral or multi-lateral donor agencies which are selecting their contractors, vendors and consultants not based on price but on value for money.

      Dr. Paul D. Giammalvo (CDT, CCE, MscPM, MRICS) Sr. Technical Advisor PT Mitratata Citragraha

    • Written in jargon-free terms, 'Think & Win Bids' sets out a surprisingly simple premise for successfully bidding for major infrastructure projects; winning (consistently) depends on the bidder’s willingness and savvy when it comes to the simple act of listening, and the not-so-simple act of knowing how to ask 'quality questions'.

      “Jordan Kelly pulls no punches in her perspective of superficial 'win themes' and the need for something more insightful and substantial in delivering tailored, attentive proposals. I finished the book with a clearer understanding of how to assist clients in formulating and effecting bid strategy (both before and after the official procurement phases) without the need for gimmicks, but focused on the basic skill of listening. This may well become required reading for all bid managers and others involved in bidding projects.

      David Holden Partner Russell McVeagh Lawyers

    • I enjoyed reading your book as I can identify closely with a great deal of your tuition and the topics you cover.

      "Most of all, I value that you have outlined clear and correct processes for conducting relevant research, asking the right questions, and usefully using what has been gained from these processes.

      "For those who regularly produce bids as a matter of course, the book is a good reminder to conscientiously make an effort to observe in a quality manner, and to first hear and think through the client's needs before rushing into the production of a bid.

      "For those who are new to bids, the book quite rightly states that they should not expect a specific list of agenda items for bid strategy sessions, as templating is the opposite of thinking.

      "Some of my most valued take-aways from reading the book are that strategy formulation is a fluid process, and that we must at all times guard against complacency in the form of assumptions based on past experiences or pre-conceived ideas.

      Dr TING, Seng Kiong Council Member, Singapore International Society of Project Managers

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