Originality – A Jordan Kelly 'Trademark'

Authenticity and originality are my two most important core values.
I adhere to these tenets as my own personal Commandments.

Any advice, book, coaching program or mentoring experience you get from me will ALWAYS be 100% original and based on my own knowledge and Intellectual Property.

Why is that so important?

Because, in a highly competitive bidding environment, winning or losing a billion-dollar project (or any contract which is high-value and mission-critical to a business) sometimes comes down to a few points awarded by an evaluation committee sufficiently moved by a genuine and relevant competitive point of difference.

That point of difference is far more likely to have revealed itself if those who researched the project/contract and the client, and produced the bid, were taught the value of originality and original thinking and, in turn, were taught by an original thinker.