An In-House, Customised Coaching Program:
'Operation CV' Coaching Program

Compelling, contract-specific CVs are non-negotiable in today's bids, tenders and proposals.

Increasingly, today's high-value bids, tenders and proposals require the inclusion of Curricula Vitae ("CVs") or a similar form of profiling documentation, in order to demonstrate the suitability of the key personnel being selected to deliver service to the prospective client.

In industries where the success (or the degree of success) of the service being delivered is contingent upon the appropriate – indeed, the strategic – selection of those key personnel, the quality of bid-supporting CVs can be central to the bid's win . . . or to its loss.

The major (engineering / infrastructure / other construction) projects sector serves as an ideal example. The strong trend towards formalised relationship contracting within this particular industry has rendered the experience of people being put forward to work with the client organisation - and their "fit" with that organisation's culture and requirements - fundamental to the success of the project in question.

Reflecting this, EOIs, RFPs and other forms of tender call frequently attribute up to 40 percent of overall selection criteria points to key people's CVs. In some forms of major project delivery, in fact, there are no pricing criteria at all; price is developed only after the determination of the winning organisation or consortium. In these instances, the competence and commitment of the relevant personnel are paramount.

The CVs are both central and critical to the evaluation of these bids.

While the one-day "Operation CV" coaching program is a high-value learning experience for participants from any organisation that submits bids for high-value contracts, it is a must-attend event for those from the civil infrastructure major projects sector.

Who Should Attend

  • Subject matter experts and other specialists within the delivery team
  • Bid writers and editors
  • Bid managers


  • The key reasons that producing project / contract-specific CVs is non-negotiable.
  • How to identify the skills and strengths the prospective client organisation will value most highly.
  • How to closely align the CV owner's experience and strengths with the prospect organisation's / procurement agency's hot buttons.
  • How to formulate CVs (both individually and as a consistently themed, content co-ordinated collective) to mitigate the client's fears / perceived risks / concerns.
  • What activities to conduct, in order to ensure the production of solid, detailed and purpose-specific CVs.
  • How the bid manager can inspire the enthusiastic and diligent input of CV owners.
  • How to demonstrate the logic behind each CV owner's inclusion in the delivery team.
  • How to edit to ensure strategic value and maximum point-scoring potential in the face of tight word count constraints.

'The Bid Strategist'

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