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    CLASS. 7 Ways to Have It & Use It Profitably

    The Seven 'Standard Operating Procedures' that Create Credibility, Visibility & Profitability

    eBook, A4, 30 pages

    Next time you connect with someone on LinkedIn, scroll down the page and see whom they list as their "Influencers".

    In a vast majority of cases, you'll find Richard Branson's name there - along with a handful of other names hallowed among the global business community.

    Between reading every book most of this revered group has written, and spending two decades of my working life liaising or working with entrepreneurs and senior executives, I've concluded there are seven primary practices that have fuelled the success of these heroes of commerce.

    Among these seven "Standard Operating Procedures" are the timeless and enduring principles that have underpinned the effectiveness of generations of leaders, as well as the practices that have created today's success stories. (Sadly, they're also the very habits and character traits lacking in many who find themselves forever stuck on lower rungs that they'd love to have risen above.)

    These are the essential ingredients of the certain brand of "class" that I've chosen to dissect and write about in this e-book.

    I've entitled this production, 'CLASS', because not only have these practices created a reputation of iron-clad credibility for those business leaders, market leaders, people leaders and thought leaders who have employed them, they've also positioned those leaders as men and women of great charisma.

    And charisma sells. It sells ideas. It sells people. It sells propositions. It sells products and services. And - when it's present in an organisation, its leadership, and its broader business development environment - it also shines through the pages of a submission.

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