C-Suite Consulting

Peak Bidding Performance is
A Multi-Factorial Equation

Ensure your business development and bid teams are correctly and comprehensively skilled, that they're functional and working productively together, and that their practices are in full alignment with your corporate goals and imperatives.

In a business-to-business enterprise, in which business development and bid teams drive (or impair) the bottom line, it's incumbent upon senior executives to avail themselves of a closer and more regular analysis of the thinking, practices and activities of these divisions.

Senior management needs to be assured that these teams are functioning in a cost- and resource-proficient, healthy and sustainable manner. There is an equally important need to ensure that the organisation's strategic goals and objectives are being supported at this operational level.

The following component analyses are some (but far from all) aspects of my work when (a) diagnosing revenue-wasting problem areas, (b) identifying areas of misalignment between corporate direction, and business development and bidding practices, and (c) the specific pinpointing of those opportunities for improvement that stand to make the greatest impact to the bottom line of a B2B/B2G enterprise.

Aligning Bidding Priorities with Corporate Growth Goals

Clarifying and articulating corporate and business development goals helps ensure priority is placed on identifying and pursuing the opportunities and bids that most directly support those bigger picture objectives.

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Ensuring Strategic 'Bid / No-Bid' Decision-Making Processes

An organisation often benefits significantly from an external analysis of its 'bid / no-bid' decision-making process and logic.

The decision to bid a resource-intensive, high-value bid must be founded on solid analysis of the opportunity, the organisation's strategic goals, its correspondent capabilities, and its resources.

Further, this logic needs to be systematised, in order to ensure correct and strategic decisions are made in each instance.

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Optimised Effectiveness of BD and Bid Team Collaboration

One of the aspects of an organisation's overall business development and pursuits function that stands to make the most immediate, most impactful improvement to the clinching of new projects and new accounts, is the collaboration between BD operatives and bid teams.

More often than not, the captures from the client interface are inadequate for bid strategy purposes (both in nature and in content), and the communication process is haphazard.

Injecting a strategic approach, and improving the effectiveness of each of these key points of interface, often heralds the beginning of a new era in terms of understanding, appealing to, and servicing the customer or client organisation.

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Formulating Effective Bid Strategies

"Bid strategy" is one of the least understood concepts in the broader business development discipline. Many organisations run "bid strategy workshops" with very little understanding of what a truly worthwhile, authoritative output should look like.

I'll map out a way to help your people gain a better understanding of everything that a sound bid strategy comprises, and how all the elements combine to produce a successful outcome.

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Strategic Composition of Bid Teams

Selection of a bid team's membership, more often than not, is based on availability and, sometimes, specialist or prospect/client knowledge. But if a team is to produce the best possible bid and associated performance of which it is capable, that team itself must work.

I can show you how to ensure the strategic make-up and healthy collective dynamic of a bid team.

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Healthy, Sustainable Bidding Processes

The unhealthy and unsustainable nature of bidding practices in many organisations has its roots in many different soils: poor selection of team members; lack of connectivity between business development operatives and other client-facing executives; lack of understanding of bid strategy and its component parts; poor understanding of the client; a late start to the many processes that feed into bid strategy, writing and production; illogical processes; poor writing skills and editing procedures; unproductive habits and misconceptions; lack of active interest by senior management ... the list goes on.

Sometimes an external perspective is the only one you can be sure brings the necessary objectivity for real improvement.

If any of the above strikes a chord for your organisation, call me and let's see how I might help.