The Coaching Intensive

My Coaching Intensive program draws on the wealth of insights and intellectual property contained in my continually-expanding portfolio of books and eduproducts – and most especially my flagship book,  'Think & Win Bids'.

A Coaching Intensive is ideal for any organisation reliant on winning bids, tenders and proposals in highly competitive environments. It's especially valuable for management and bid teams wanting to learn and adopt genuinely strategic thought processes in order to achieve a consistent flow of wins.

You'll find there's a world of difference between my Coaching Intensive experiences and those of other “training” consultancies. If tabling high-quality, insightful and customer-centric bids, tenders or proposals is the only way to get your company’s high-value business transactions over the line, the decision to join me in this transformational educational experience is one that will return you a substantial and ongoing Return on Investment.

In four intense days, you’ll learn how to facilitate and formulate well-researched, insightful and competitively advantageous bid strategies; how to produce a user-friendly strategy blueprint for your team to work from, and how to write compelling submissions.

You will also learn:

  • The importance of understanding your customer or client organisation and its procurement from a holistic (versus a narrow, service- or product-focused) perspective
  • How to gain a detailed and bid-winning appreciation of the procurement psyche of your prospective customer or client organisation 
  • How to determine the most valuable information to acquire about a customer or client organisation’s intended procurement and the bigger picture directing or impacting it
  • How to plan for the acquisition of the above points of critical knowledge  
  • The difference between high-value and low-value conversations and how to plan for the former
  • The specific differences between great listeners and average listeners
  • What highly effective business development operatives and bid professionals do that average ones don't
  • The many types of information available to help inform your bid strategy, and how to source them
  • Little-known sources of competitor information
  • The criticality of channelling information back, in a valuable format, from the client or customer coalface to the bid team 
  • What you need to know when your client organisation has its own (up-the-line) client
  • How to take advantage of arrogance on the part of the competition
  • The importance of avoiding arrogance in your own organisation
  • The value of “sleuthing” the customer’s documentation versus simply “reading” it
  • The critical distinction between “features” and “benefits” and how to capitalise on your ability to translate one into the other
  • What constitutes bid strategy . . . and what doesn’t 
  • How to turn raw information into bid-winning intelligence
  • Working wide while drilling deep in the strategy formulation phase
  • How to develop a winning bid strategy
  • Why “thorough” is the best default position when it comes to strategy
  • Why talk of “silver bullets” is naive
  • How to avoid confusing tactics with strategy
  • Why templating is the opposite of thinking
  • The importance of documenting your bid blueprint in detail
  • How to position your organisation as a trusted advisor
  • How to get the most out of a de-brief
  • How to hire the most effective professional support

A Jordan Kelly Coaching Intensive is certainly not your average "training" program, and participants should be prepared for a highly interactive, transformational learning experience. If your business development and bid teams are genuinely ready to be coached at this level, and with this degree of emphasis on behavioural change and the associated results, call me.