In-House, Customised Coaching Programs

Transformational vs Informational Learning

Achieving lasting learning outcomes requires of a coach or trainer the ability to create a genuine, deep, practical and integrated understanding. That’s something that can happen only through a “transformational” – not an “informational” – learning experience.

The problem with most formal, pre-packaged training courses is that they rely on the overlaying of processes onto teams and people, who often don’t find the adoption of these either natural or easy.

My approach is different. I assess the existing skill levels and talents of each individual I coach, and teach them new ways of thinking that they can then integrate within their own modus operandi. In other words, they integrate the skills I teach, such that they form part of their own thought processes, and their own practices. They learn how to think and operate more strategically ... incorporating each element of their enlightenment naturally ... as opposed to grafting on some new, unnatural template-based procedure (which had its roots in someone else’s many-times-removed, homogenised rationale).

There’s nothing canned about my coaching. Nothing delivered “by proxy”, from an anonymous originator. In fact, these are not programs that are simply “delivered”. They are, literally, life-changing experiences full of potent, highly specific yet universally applicable “aha’s” with the power to propel participants into a whole new realm of customer or client-centric insight and action.

Formulating Winning
Bid & Pursuit Strategies

A program designed for organisations reliant on winning bids, tenders and proposals in highly competitive commercial environments. ...

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Successful Bid &
Proposal Writing

A program designed for any operative involved in (any phase of) the bid / proposal production process. ...

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'Operation CV'
Coaching Program

In industries where the success of the service being delivered is contingent upon the appropriate, selection of those key personnel, the quality of bid-supporting CVs can be central to the bid's win ...

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The Coaching Intensive

Jordan Kelly Coaching Intensives build on the wealth of knowledge, and teach the skills discussed, in her range of books - most especially her flagship title, 'Think & Win Bids'.

(Run either at a venue of your choosing, or as a special company event in Queenstown, New Zealand.) ...

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