Clients Comment

'Her Bid Strategy Coaching Changed
the Whole Way We Approach Clients'

“Our weekend workshop by Jordan Kelly helped me see the bid evaluation process from the client’s perspective. I now cringe when I look back on some of the bids and client communications I have sent in the past. Her unique perspective was exactly what I was looking for, for our sales and marketing team and all the participants were very impressed with both the content and the delivery.

“I can honestly say that the concepts that Jordan uses have already become part of the way we work and interact with our clients, not only in the realm of a bid, but also in day-to-day interactions. Whilst not for the faint-hearted, Jordan’s workshop lead us through the bid strategy formulation process in a way which completely changed the way we approach our clients. She does this, not by formulas or templates, but by a complete paradigm shift, which truly changes ingrained behaviours.

“Thanks, Jordan, for what should become a pivotal moment in the history of our company.”

"PS: It is amazing! Even with general customer correspondence, you have managed to instil a deep-set change in the way I am communicating with my customers."

Nicholas Dal Sasso General Manager Ecotech Pty Ltd
(Environmental Monitoring)

'A Well-Defined & Targeted Bid Strategy
& Bid Writing Coaching Program'

“Jordan was engaged by Abigroup Contractors to independently review historical bids, suggest document improvements and enhance its pre-bid smarts.

“Through a well-defined and targeted coaching program, skilfully articulated by Jordan, our bid staff gained an invaluable appreciation of the strategic importance of well-researched proposals, in-depth questioning, and forming a deeper understanding of our clients' value criteria.

“For those companies or individuals serious about the need for their staff to actually think and so improve the ‘non-cost’ and ‘quality elements’ of their relationship contract bid submissions, I recommend Jordan to you.”

Steve Abson General Manager – Northern Region Abigroup Contractors (Australia)

JK Bid Critiquing
'Breaks Insular Group-Think'

"In the high stakes, ultra-competitive infrastructure services market, true insight and strategic excellence are invaluable in achieving success.

"Jordan practices what she preaches, and has the ability to provide an independent and insightful critique of the kind that can break the insular group-think that major bid teams can self-create.

"I can recommend Jordan as an advisor to teams looking to check and challenge themselves and their strategies for success before finding out the hard way."

Rod Naylor General Manager Veolia Water North America
(New York)

Assistance with TeleGrid's Strategic Planning Process

"Thank you for your input and assistance with the development of TeleGrid's strategic planning process. We found your knowledge and insight into the marketing process interesting and stimulating.

"Your quick grasp of the issues facing TeleGrid and your suggestions for change, based on your obviously sound experience, were both useful and achievable."

Amal Hanna Manager – TeleGrid TransGrid
Sydney, Australia

'She Has A Great Coaching Style'

“The skill sets she teaches are highly relevant to our business. They can make a huge difference in converting opportunities into prospects, or even creating opportunities in the first place. She has a great coaching style, and whenever resistance arose she handled it well in my view.

“She also showed us how to weave some of her own magic through our writing, to create continuity, relevance and a compelling, readable style. I picked up some great ideas, techniques and principles in these session, which I’ll be putting into practice immediately.”

Alliance project manager and bid leader Queensland

'A Provocative, Challenging &
Totally Dedicated Teacher'

"Jordan is a provocative, challenging and totally dedicated teacher. She is relentless in her pursuit of success on her client's behalf. This is a very good thing for any organisation that wants to improve its proficiency in business-critical proposals and RFT responses.

"Jordan will accept nothing less than the best output in any area of performance, from preliminary research through to end-product, and the quality of her coaching in all of those areas is such that each member actually does achieve to the very best of their ability, which increases every time she works with us."

Simon Ormes Business Development Manager (North Queensland Division) Abigroup Contractors

'Skilful Strategy Facilitation & First-Class Bid Writing'

"I've worked with Jordan for six years on many different projects and many different objectives, and I heartily endorse both her skills and her service levels.

"I am always surprised at the challenging briefs Jordan is able to execute. She can take a market sector or subject area that is completely unfamiliar to her and generate smart, insightful and implementable strategies.

"Her strategy formulation skills are complemented by her skilful facilitation, her first-class writing skills, and by the fact that she delivers on time, every time."

Steve Abson Chief Operating Officer Ostwald Bros

'Results-Driven Megaproject Bidding Strategist'

"Jordan is a results-driven megaproject bidding strategist and a serious thinking author. She combines those two very valuable skills to produce pragmatic, insightful advice for those who read her books.

"She's candid, focused and erudite in her works, and interested in the application of her strategic intelligence to the science of winning bids in the international construction sector.

"She has been able to capture her insightful thinking in a way that provides meaningful and practical assistance to her readers.

"Further, her broad field of authorship is testament to her skills."

Dr Bill Young President Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management
Hong Kong

'Jordan Kelly's is the Very Best Brain You Could Hire'

"If you require a strategic thinker who can apply a laser sharp and incisive line of questioning, who can cut through jargon and clutter like a knife, and who can rapidly pull all the elements of the “big picture” into one cohesive strategy, then Jordan Kelly’s is the very best brain you could hire.

"Jordan has a distinctive, fresh, smart style that greatly focuses the thought processes of an organisation’s own business development team. I for one have found hers to be a far more productive approach than the standard “methodologies” employed by so many consultants.

"The benefits of this style include not only the production of winning bids but also a very effective transfer of her skills to those executives fortunate to be part of the strategy sessions she so deftly facilitates."

Steven Di Pietro Managing Director Shop’n’Chek Australasia

'A Great Jump Start to
Bidding PPP Projects'

"I have worked with Jordan to develop a coaching program for companies and individuals wishing to improve their knowledge of the bidding process for PPP projects.

"Drawing on her considerable experience, Jordan skilfully captured and structured the raw content I provided, then complemented it with her own research and Intellectual Property, to create a coaching program which provides a great jump start into a fascinating industry."

James Mitchell Independent Project Director - Public Private Partnerships Australia