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  • Red Zone

    Red Zone

    Destruction, Survival & Collaboration ... A True Story

    eBook A4, 144 pages

    Graphically illustrated, Red Zone is the "Christchurch earthquakes story for engineers".

    It's also an enlightening read for anyone interested in the up-close-and-personal accounts of those directly impacted, the coalface rescuers, the authorities who guided the recovery through its various phases, the seismic and other scientific experts informing the re-build, and those charged with physically putting the city back together again.

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  • 'PPPs Down Under' Special Report

    'PPPs Down Under' Special Report

    The growing pressure on Governments globally to make progress in clearing their (social and economic) public infrastructure backlogs has brought about – in an increasing number of jurisdictions – a willingness to consider Public Private Partnership (PPP) ventures.

    While other PPP marketplaces are reviewing the specifics of their PPP methodologies, New Zealand is only now establishing itself as a player.

    Bidding Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects is not only very different to producing any other type of bid, it's a highly specialised endeavour. With PPPs new on the New Zealand scene, intending consortia have a steep learning curve ahead.

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