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  • Deadbeat Words

    Deadbeat Words

    The 101 Most Over-Used & Abused Words in Bids, Proposals & Tenders

    eBook, A4, 28 pages

    Don't erode the credibility of your bids, tenders, proposals or other form of submission with fashion-speak, lazy writing and uncontrolled jargon. When an organisation issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) or any other form of tender call for the supply of a high-value product or service, those tasked with the procurement are in need of straight answers articulated in clear, unambiguous writing.

    Hemingway wrote of the need for all writers to have a built-in "shit detector". This is the ultimate such detection tool for bid managers, writers and editors. Its 101 words and terms are must-avoids for any bidding organisation wishing to preserve its credibility and convey an ability to offer up originality – both in its submissions and in the offerings these articulate.

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  • Faulty Terms

    Faulty Terms

    101 Commonly Confused Words in Bids, Tenders & Proposals

    eBook, A4, 39 pages

    The English language features a huge array of words that loan themselves to misinterpretation, confused or other forms of wrongful use. You simply can't rely on your "spell check" function to protect you from embarrassing, credibility-eroding mistakes.

    With so much time, effort and budget invested in your bid, it's worth having a ready reference guide to help you avoid the most common errors.

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