Transformational vs Informational Learning

Achieving lasting learning outcomes requires of a coach or trainer the ability to create a genuine, deep, practical and integrated understanding. That’s something that can only happen through a “transformational” – not an “informational” – learning experience.

The problem with most formal, pre-packaged training courses is that they rely on the overlaying of processes onto teams and people, who often don’t find the adoption of these either natural or easy.

My approach is different. I assess the existing skill levels and talents of each individual I coach, and teach them new ways of thinking that they can then integrate within their own modus operandi. In other words, they integrate the skills I teach, such that they form part of their own thought processes, and their own practices. They learn how to think and operate more strategically ... incorporating each element of their enlightenment naturally ... as opposed to grafting on some new, unnatural template-based procedure (which had its roots in someone else’s many times removed, homogenised rationale).

There’s nothing canned about my coaching. Nothing delivered “by proxy”, from an anonymous originator. In fact, it’s not a program that’s “delivered” at all. It’s literally a life-changing experience full of potent, highly specific yet universally applicable “aha’s” with the power to propel participants into a whole new realm of customer or client-centric insight and action.

‘Extreme Learning’

A Coaching Intensive isn’t for everyone. It’s exactly what the name promises:  It’s intensive, mind-expanding, paradigm-challenging ... and absolutely NOT a spectator sport.

Many organisations and individuals prefer an easy, predictable, template-style approach that pumps out something palatably superficial and homogenised by way of a “bid strategy”.

But that sort of "output" isn’t actually a strategy at all ... "strategy" being a term that refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal i.e. by its very nature, not producible from a standardised approach.

For many, both what I teach and the intensive, hands-on, highly personal and sometimes confronting way in which I teach it, is way out of their comfort zone. Put simply, some organisations have a corporate culture which doesn’t feature the degree of humility and open-mindedness required. I far prefer they stick to their own approaches and not embark on a coaching program with me.

However, those who embrace the positive challenge of my coaching modus operandi and the very steep learning curve that – without exception – I throw them into, reap rich rewards.

What’s more, this "Intensive" – in the same vein as effective strategy formulation – is, at the same time both structured and free-thinking. Structured, in order to ensure the coverage of the required territory and topics. Free-thinking, to cater for each participant, and to optimise – in the moment – every emergent opportunity.

Leave your ego at home, bring an open mind, and an expectation of learning beyond anything you’ve experienced before in the world of high-value bidding.

Most importantly, I guarantee what you’ve learned won’t dissipate. After all, you’ve partaken of a high-impact transformational learning experience you’ll never forget.

A Jordan Kelly Coaching Intensive is certainly not your average "training" program, and participants should be prepared for a highly interactive, transformational learning experience. If your business development and bid teams are genuinely ready to be coached at this level, and with this degree of emphasis on behavioural change and the associated results, call me.