A Learning Experience Unlike Any Other

Unlike most other "training" programs or learning experiences, each of my Coaching Intensives is designed from the ground up, based on the research I conduct into my participants’ specific requirements.

There’s a strong focus both on the application of original thinking processes, as well as on the identification, delivery and articulation of “value for money” from a client-specific perspective. Every prospective client has its own definition of VfM, and it’s your bid team’s job to uncover it, to formulate your offering around it, and then to articulate that value.

You’ll learn how to do that, not through the use of templates and tools, but by learning new ways to think your way across the line to contract success. You can look forward to a genuinely transformational learning experience, not one that leaves you with someone else’s generic model or formula and a fervent hope that it works for you on every bid.

'Meeting You Where You're At' in Your Learning Curve

I keep the participant numbers small to ensure I can work intensively with each of my "coachees", meeting them at their current point of proficiency in these skills, monitoring their individual progress, and helping them integrate each new skill they learn.

You’ll return to your organisation well-equipped to inject it with new levels of skill in bidding ... well beyond the standard tenderer-focused approach.  

You’ll take home assets like these:

  • The ability to identify and capture the most strategic client information, and in the most proficient manner possible
  • The know-how to obtain and take full advantage of relevant competitor information
  • The ability to centralise all information and insights, to convert them into meaningful intelligence, and to use that intelligence to underpin winning bid strategies
  • The skill to identify the prospective client’s or customer’s definition of “value for money” and to determine the most effective, strategic and competitively savvy way to deliver it
  • The skill to extract greater results from time spent in bid planning workshops
  • The knowledge to more effectively capture workshop outcomes (resulting in greater ease and clarity in the production of bid documentation, tender responses and proposals)
  • Creation of bids, tenders and proposals that demonstrate an irresistible alignment with, and unmatched ability to satisfy, the client’s written (and unwritten) objectives
  • Bids that upstage the competition in every regard – from resonance with the client organisation and its selection committee, to the creation of confidence in the bidder’s superior compatibility, capability and value.

A Jordan Kelly Coaching Intensive is certainly not your average "training" program, and participants should be prepared for a highly interactive, transformational learning experience. If your business development and bid teams are genuinely ready to be coached at this level, and with this degree of emphasis on behavioural change and the associated results, call me.