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The Anatomy of Bid Strategy

The Anatomy of Bid Strategy

One particularly common mistake I see made from the level of bid operations right through to senior management, is to confuse strategy with tactics.

These are not interchangeable terms and they're certainly not interchangeable concepts: Strategy informs tactics. Two different things. Two different functions. Two different processes.

A basic, high-level definition of "strategy" might be: A way to get from a current “state” to a specific desired end-state.

Between this current state and the desired state may be any degree of gap; it doesn’t matter. "Tactics", then, are the components of the plan designed to achieve the overarching strategy.

If we take this elementary, macro-level focus, it helps to prevent a very common “strategic planning” flaw i.e. the tendency to start identifying tactics before a strategy has been fully formulated.

By paring the strategy definition back to something as fundamental as the “current state”/“end state” concept, the need to get clear on the “what” before lurching off to brainstorm the “how”, becomes obvious.