Business Development & Bidding Issues for Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives

If You’re A Senior Executive, Don’t Let Your Language Compromise Your Credibility

“You have to think for yourself. It always amazes me how many high-IQ people mindlessly imitate.”

That particular pearl of Warren Buffett wisdom is particularly befitting in the case of executives’ vocabularies today.


Pitching PPPs:  Creativity or Cost?

Consortia bidding huge-ticket Public Private Partnership deals aren't immune to the "best value vs lowest price" dilemma experienced by general B2B and B2G bidders.

Australian and New Zealand Treasuries, however, differ in their messages to the marketplace on this key topic.


Old-School Selling Doesn’t Cut the Mustard in the New World

There's a distinct lack of understanding over certain fundamental challenges grappled with by CEOs and their business development teams. Because these are personality-based, there are some sensitivities involved.

However, senior and sales management must bite the bullet for the sake of a healthy pipeline in the new economy.