Business Development & Bidding Issues for Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives

Aligning Bidding Priorities with Corporate Growth

As a senior executive, you're responsible for setting - and overseeing the attainment of - your organisation's corporate growth goals.


Tuning Up Your Organisation's 'Ethics' Policies, Practices & Performance

For any leader keen to sharpen up his or her organisation's policies, practices and performance relating to its Code of Ethics, I can do no better than recount a discussion I had recently with the International Institute of Business Ethics' Research Director, Simon Webley.


Ethics & Social Conscience Objectives: Obligatory and Tack-On or Genuine and Integrated?

Around the globe, progressive business leaders are looking for ways to make their intention to run an ethical enterprise a proactive endeavour . . . one that is deeply rooted in their organisation's psyche and modus operandi.


Strategise Collaboratively; Not In A Vacuum

If, as a leader, your interaction with a potential high-value customer or client organisation leads you to a place where it's necessary to develop a specific strategy (be that to win its business, or to produce a solution or other form of offering) - don't do it in a vacuum.


The True Customer & Stakeholder Experience: Do CEOs Have Any Idea?

Do CEOs and other senior management executives really know what's happening out there "on the ground"? And how important is it that they do, anyway?