Business Development & Bidding Issues for Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives

The Anatomy of Bid Strategy

Strategy informs tactics; don’t get it the wrong way around.


‘A Straight-Jacketed, Compliance Culture Doesn’t Equate to An Ethical One’

Encouraging empowered judgement on matters of ethics is actually an inherently less risky proposition than creating an environment in which management and employees are straight-jacketed by a heavily-regulated, "compliance culture".


New Zealand Takes Low-Key Approach to CSR

'C-Suite' reader Kevin Locke of Fulton Hogan recently drew my attention to an article in the latest issue of New Zealand Management magazine: 'Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in New Zealand'.


Turning the Tables on A Hyper-Macho Culture . . . and Saving Lives

Changing ingrained perceptions, attitudes and behaviours in any context is well-recognised as, at best, a tough call and slow-going . . . a job for only the self-punishingly persistent.


Reserve the 'Silver Bullets' for the Pretend 'Strategists'

You’ll hear plenty of people in this space banging on about “win themes” and “silver bullets”.

Let's get clear on something . . . something that is rooted in sheer logic: A “win theme” or a “silver bullet” is not something you “come up with”.
It’s a core, success-critical competitive strength or advantage that is identified through careful and thorough research (including that which is conducted long before the tender call documentation is released).