Clients Comment

'Helped Me Realise What Is
Unique About My Business'

"When you work with someone as exceptionally talented as Jordan Kelly, you know it right from the start. Add to this her complete focus on understanding both your business and you, and you realise that this is something pretty special.

"Jordan helped me realise exactly what is unique about my business and how to present it in down-to-earth, crystal clear marketable language. She has a gift for words, the words that communicate what you have to offer to those who will want it, and who will become your customers or clients. I have never come across someone so completely committed to helping me get it exactly right. What's more, you know that you've got it right.

"It's not a one-way street. Jordan supports you to do your own thinking too. Indeed, by supporting you to do this, she finds out from you, and helps you to express, what you have been searching for.

"Her work is a combination of skilful facilitation and brilliant suggestions. Working with Jordan has been illuminating, challenging – and fun! She will keep you on your toes, and you will know that you are dancing in your right direction."

James Walker PhD Director The Synchronicity Institute
Sydney, Australia

'Books Authoritative, Thought-Provoking & Popular'

“Software Publications Pty Ltd has published four individual and highly successful tertiary level Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing textbooks by author Jordan Kelly since 2002.

“These books are viewed as a source of authority on current core components of the tertiary Marketing and Marketing Communications curricula, and they enjoy strong and increasing sales across Australia.

“Not only are these books authoritative and thought-provoking, her style is very readable and easily 'consumable'. This further boosts the popularity of her textbooks with our client institutions and their students.”

Chris Coulson General Manager Software Publications (Australia)

'Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategy'

"It's hard to know which of Jordan Kelly's incredibly wide range of skills takes precedence over the other. She has the invaluable talent of being able to quickly and accurately discern an organisation's business objectives and convert them into cutting-edge marketing strategy.

"She has the ability to then execute every aspect of that strategy to the 'nth' degree of accuracy and perfection. She also has the highest imaginable standards and an eagle eye for detail. All of this pays huge dividends for her clients."

Director Medical Services Establishment
Sydney, Australia

'Second to None as A Marketing Strategist,
Writer & Project Manager'

"As a marketing strategist, writer and project manager, Jordan Kelly is second to none. From my own experience though, what I value most is her quite remarkable degree of commitment to her clients. Her definition of 'service' goes above and beyond the call of duty every time. That she is 'always there' if and when needed is an understatement."

Dr Barry Den LASIK Eye Surgeon
Sydney, Australia

' . . . A Strategic Mind & Intuitive Creativity;
She is Truly Gifted'

"I came from 'out of left field' as a client for Jordan, following the recommendation of a mutual friend who felt Jordan's strategic mind and intuitive creativity were exactly what I needed for a particularly challenging marketing goal.

"Jordan is a master strategist. Her unique combination of experience and natural talent gives her the ability to distil a problem down to its essential elements and arrive at the perfect strategy or solution, every time. I am astounded at the speed and ease with which she achieves what she does. She is truly gifted.

"She is also a natural-born teacher and working with her has provided me with an invaluable crash course in marketing as well as strategic thinking."

Michael Adamedes Author & Director Inner Peace Mastery Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia