Clients Comment

'Absolutely Integral Member of Our
Bid Team & Asset to Our Operation'

"Jordan Kelly has worked with our team on a variety of tenders, and a variety of tender types.

"We are a small, tight-knit team, comprising everything from our Executive PA, to our Construction and Project Managers, our Estimators, our Business Development Manager, and myself, North Queensland Manager.

"What has been particularly gratifying and valuable about her involvement with our team, is that, while she lead us, taught us, and co-managed our activities with us, she was at the same time one of us. She was an absolutely integral member of our team.

"Although her mandate was to work with us on the production of our RFP responses, every aspect of her work with us actually became a coaching session and a learning experience in its own right. The residual value of her bid work with us has been immense in that regard. We simply don't do things the same way any more, and in every part of our business development work and bidding activities we now find ourselves guided by the principles she has progressively instilled in us.

"Her involvement with us continues to be an asset to our operation."

Gary Innes North Queensland Manager Abigroup Contractors

'Applicable Not Only to Tender Bids
But to Everyday Life'

“You made a huge contribution to helping us think, to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and consider what is important to them, to move away from marketing-speak, and to verbalise the real benefits to the customer.

"You taught us to ask ourselves 'why, what and how' questions and to look for the full answer to these questions. It is these principles that I find myself using not only in tender bids but in everyday life.”

Steve Chamberlain-Ward Manager – Sales Strategy & Marketing Ecotech Pty Ltd
Melbourne (Head Office)

'Thrilled with Your Contribution' to Winning Defence Bid

“Jordan, thank you so very much.

"Your contribution to our winning bid was greatly appreciated. We are all thrilled here at the win with the New Zealand Defence Force.

"Again, our thanks.”

New Zealand

'Strategy for A Very Large & Crucial Bid'

"Alliance Network International recently contracted with Jordan Kelly to assist us with developing an overall strategy and putting together a tender for a very large bid that was crucial to the long-term growth of our business.

"Jordan lead us down a strategic assessment path that formed an essential part of the overall document development process. She guided our executive team through many fascinating and highly productive processes to achieve a truly strategic bid, at every level; a bid that has demonstrated to us that a winning strategy is also able to bring objectivity and reason to a price-focused client.

"The extremely effective techniques used for drilling down into the individual areas of the tender, identifying the perfect strategy to underpin each and then putting it all together in a document that easily flowed from section to section to provide an overall 'big picture' is a tribute to both her strategy and writing skills.

"An additional and unexpected benefit was the learning we received through her teaching ability and her valuable knowledge transfer focus throughout this whole process. The bid development processes that Jordan has led us through will be used in our future tenders."

John Major Managing Director Alliance Network International Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia

'Challenged Me to Think About
What I Was Really Writing'

"Thanks for your inspiration, support and hard work on the bid. I personally enjoyed working with you and wanted to thank you for challenging me to really think about what I was writing."

Uldis Clarson Bid Manager
(Sydney, Australia)
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Tender Documentation for Overseas Rail Project

"Jordan provided Bombardier Transportation with support to spearhead our tender response strategy for a multi-million dollar overseas rail project.

"For an engineering organisation, more product-focused than 'market'-focused, Jordan showed the tender team another way to present the tender that was creative, customer-focused, and ensured we stayed on target consistently throughout the tender documentation.

"Jordan has a great feel for a customer's needs and aspirations, through thorough research of background material to personal contact strategy.

"Jordan demonstrated a keen sense of what mattered to the customer, and her prose in the key frontpiece, the Executive Summary, was appropriate, emphatic and balanced.

"I recommend Jordan to others open to a new way of expression in the difficult world of tendering."

Alan Burns Director – Sales and Marketing Bombardier Transportation Australia

(Formerly Adtranz, Bombardier is the world's largest manufacturer of railcars)

'Remarkable Talent As A Strategic Writer'

"Jordan Kelly recently provided guidance of extraordinarily high quality to Oracle in the planning and production of an important strategic communication project.

"Her sharpness of mind, objectivity and lateral thinking skills were the perfect resources to help us clarify and convey the competitive strengths of our solution.

"Consolidating the benefits of her facilitation skills is her remarkable talent as a strategic writer. This ensured we effectively communicated the superiority of the Oracle solution."

Cheenu Srinivasan Director – Planning & Operations Oracle Corporation

'Best Possible Non-Price Inputs to A Winning Bid'

"Jordan does considerable research into the non-price attributes section of a tender to ensure it is project-specific (non-generic) and relevant. This serves to ensure the best possible non-price adjustments are made to the tendered price to achieve a winning bid."

Tim Grammer Senior Engineer Fletcher Construction
New Zealand

'Raised the Morale of the Bid Team . . .
Personable & Stimulating'

"I first worked with Jordan when I was with a small technically-oriented company bidding for a major Government project. She quickly realised that we lacked the "big picture" on how to present ourselves and our proposal to the many and varied stakeholders who would contribute to the final decision.

"Her strategic thinking led us well outside our normal comfort zone, but she was able to convince us that her approach was the most likely to win over the doubters and the risk-averse.

"Along the way she wrote much professional and excellent copy, and greatly raised the morale of the bid team (who were ultimately successful).

"I strongly recommend Jordan for her ability to think creatively but clearly, and to communicate the results in a personable and stimulating manner."

John Lush Principal Consultant John Lush & Associates
(Technology Project Managers, Australia)

'You Taught Me to See Bid Strategy
from A Different Perspective'

“You have taught me a new ‘way of thinking’. No templates can take the place of analysing information for a tender process, formulating strategy and preparing a ‘tailored solution’ to suit the client. I look forward to applying these new skills in my everyday work and future bids.

“You have taught me to see bidding strategy from a different perspective. You reinforced the fact that we have to connect with the client on all levels, not just the economic level but also on the emotional level. The course was extremely intense but you kept us on the right track, keeping us focused to ensure we saw the ‘bigger picture’. It was a very rewarding session.

“Thank you Jordan!”

Steven Chir Southern Region Sales Engineer Ecotech Pty Ltd
Melbourne (Head Office)